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MIXNET & BLOCKCHAIN for Anonymous Communications!

It has been present before the founding of the Internet: the interest, the search, decentralization, power outside of monopolies; Building a new web: the web3.0

  Surveillance capitalism captures the human experience on Internet networks (having its emergence outside the Internet, as in the emergence of the Ford company, for example) as "free" raw material, using this behavioral data to understand and subsequently modify virtual behaviors. This behavioral data is a source for stimulating, persuading, adjusting, and guiding behavior toward profitable outcomes.
  It can be said that this data made available on the Internet as Internet users interact, send files, exchange messages, and everything else we are capable of doing on the net today, is applied to the improvement of products or services. But in reality only a portion of this data is used for this, and often with the consent of the users who accept the terms and conditions. The rest of the data and information is declared as surplus behavioral property, food for "machine intelligence," feeding every aspect of every human's experience, seeking to make predictions that anticipate what you will do now, soon, and later. 
  In addition to the free data delivered by users, there is hidden data, which is visible only to the platforms that provide the services. So many aspects of our lives have been digitized and remembered by these centralized, and sometimes even decentralized, entities. The economic incentives to exploit this data are real, and there is more and more evidence of these truths every day. 
  This results in more than just an increase in privacy violations, it is a machine for behavior change, called surveillance capitalism.
  To supposedly protect users, platforms have begun to adopt end-to-end encryption, limiting the services' access to messages. But this is not enough, because it is not only this data that they have access to. They have access to metadata information. Available in the background is any virtual interaction that does not use services such as XX Network makes available. 
  Metadata consists of the who, what, when, where and how details of any message or activity.
  This data generates predictive products, and is traded in a new kind of market, called the behavioral futures market. The metadata network is formed, and virtual interactions are recorded every day of the year, every millisecond.Many companies are eager to bet on our behavioral futures. The competitive dynamics of these new markets are different. The focus is on acquiring increasingly sophisticated sources of behavioral surplus: our voices, our personalities, and our emotions.

  The Internet needs a new way to transact information and value with privacy and security.The XX Network is a leader in this new infrastructure for web3.0.It has developed privacy protection at the communication layer through a decentralized implementation of technology called: cMix, a mixed network protocol for anonymous communication.
  This new technology is based on papers from 1981, as introduced by David Chaum as mixed networks.The team, the masterminds, behind the creation of this technology are pioneers who developed practical, anonymous, verifiable cryptographic systems; one of the creators of the first type of blockchain; digital currencies; mixed networks; unauthorized cryptography; verifiable voting; and many other advances in cryptography.
  The xx largest network structure is the infrastructure needed in WEB 3.0.Working to provide metadata protection by implementing a consumer-scale variant of the cMix protocol, fulfilling two core values to achieve true security and privacy. Taking anonymity where it belongs.

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