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This is a team contributed page

This manual is designed to provide the necessary information to deploy, debug, and operate the cMix, Gateway, and xx chain software on the xx network. A Node in the network will participate in the two fundamental tasks that comprise the xx network: mixing communication through cMix protocol and executing consensus through xx consensus.

Refer to the sections below for getting started with the cMix, Gateway, and xx chain software.

Getting Started

First-time Node operators must set up their hardware, download and install the xx network software, and stake their Node.

  1. Follow instructions for Operating System Installation and Configuration on the Node machine
  2. Follow instructions for Operating System Installation and Configuration on the Gateway machine
  3. Do Node Set Up on the Node machine
  4. Do Gateway Set Up on the Gateway machine
  5. Follow instructions for Staking a Node

More Information

To learn more about the xx network, Elixxir, and Praxxis, refer to the following papers.

For more information, further discussion, and additional help with this guide or general participation in the BetaNet, use the following contacts.


<translate> Maintenance update</translate> Updated Hardware Requirements for MainNet.
<translate> Maintenance update</translate> Updated Wrapper Script Arguments for consensus.
<translate> Maintenance update</translate> The complete Node Handbook has been added to the xx network wiki.

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