Claiming Tokens

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This is a team contributed page

Check out the Genesis Block Spreadsheet.

  1. Before starting, it is suggested that you install the browser extension for MetaMask and set it up with your Ethereum wallet from the sale. You may use other methods too, but this guide will utilize MetaMask.

  2. First, go to go to the xx explorer and log in with your account. If you have not yet created a wallet or account, you can learn more about Using the Wallet Generator and how to Add an Account to the xx Explorer.

  3. In the navigation menu, go to Accounts and in the drop-down menu, click on Claim Tokens. Or navigate to the Claim Tokens page.

    Claim tokens submenu option.
  4. The claim your xx tokens page will open.

    1. Select the correct account from the drop-down menu.

    2. Press the Continue button to proceed to the next step.

    Select the account to claim tokens with.
  5. Next, in the Choose how to sign box, select the Use MetaMask button.

    You may use other methods to get your Ethereum address and use the Manually Sign button to enter it yourself manually.
    Select signing method for claiming tokens.
  6. Next, a pop-up will appear asking you to select a wallet. Click on the MetaMask button.

    Select a wallet to use.
  7. A pop-up in a separate window will appear asking you to connect the xx block explorer with MetaMask. Make sure you have the correct wallet selected and then press the Next button to continue.

    If you have not yet set up the MetaMask extension or Eurenium wallet, then do so now. When you return to this page, refresh it to get MetaMask to work.
    Press next to continue with MetaMask.
  8. Finally, click the Connect button to connect your account.

    Click "Connect" to connect your MetaMask account with the xx explorer.
  9. Once connected, the window should close and your Ethereum address will be filled in inside the third box labeled Confirm ETH address from the sale. Press the Confirm Address button to confirm the address and claim your token.

    Click "Confirm to confirm the Ethereum address and claim tokens.
  10. A fourth box labeled Sign with your metamask extension the following payload will contain an agreement that you must read through and agree to. Once you have done so, cliock the Confirm Payload button.

    Make sure you read the agreement in full. You can download a PDF of the agreement using the link
    Explorer - Claim Tokens Contract.png
  11. A MetaMask pop-up window will appear asking you to sign the request. Verify the details are correct and click the "Sign" button.

    Confirm the request with MetaMask.
  12. If you have tokens to claim, a new box will show up showing how many are available. Click the Claim button to claim the tokens.

    Ethereum account has valid claim for xx tokens.
  13. A window will appear asking you to authorize the transaction. Click the Submit (no signature) button to authorize.

    Click "submit" to authorize the transaction to claim xx tokens.
  14. On Success, you will see two notifications similar to below.

    Successful notifications after claiming xx tokens.