Wallet - Sending Coins

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This is a team contributed page

Once you have set up your account, you can send coins to any wallet you have the address for.

    1. In the navigation menu, go to Accounts and in the drop-down menu, click on Address book. Or navigate to https://wallet.xx.network/#/addresses.

      Address book button in the explorer navigation menu.
    2. Click on the Add contact button Explorer Add contact button.svg.

      Add contact button in explorer address book.
    3. The add an address window will open

      1. Input the address for the wallet you want to send coins to.

        Make sure the address is correct. Coins sent to the wrong address may be unrecoverable.
      2. Give a name to the contact. This can be changed later.

      3. Click the Save button to save the contact.

      Add an address to the address book window.
    4. The wallet will now appear in your contacts. Click on the send button next to the contact to begin sending them coins.

      Send button in address book.

      You can also get to this screen by clicking on Accounts in the top menu and then click Transfer.

      Transfer button on menu.
    5. The send funs window will open.

      1. Select one of your wallets to send the coins from. Ensure that it has enough coins to send the amount desired and that it does not go below the existential deposit (e).

      2. Select the wallet to send coins to.

      3. Select the number of coins to send. Use the dropdown on the right to select the denomination.

      4. The number of coins in your wallet cannot drop below the existential deposit. Having less coins results in your account being inactive.

      5. Press the Make Transfer button when you have confirmed all the details

      Send funds window in explorer.
    6. On the next page, authorize your transaction by entering your password and clicking the Sign and Submit button Explorer Sign and Submit button.svg.

      Authorize transactrion window for sending to contact.