Signing MainNet Statement

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This is a team contributed page

The node binary can be used to sign a text file using the Node's private key. Node operators who wish to apply for the MainNet transition program must sign a statement indicating their desire to do so. Node operators may generate their own message or use the default message shown below.

I am applying to join the MainNet Transition Program: 2021-07-22 10:56:59.9442534 -0700 PDT m=+0.350920501
The timestamp will be the time that the file was created
  1. If you want to generate your own statement indicating your intent to join the MainNet, then do so first using nano. To use the default statement, skip this step.

  2. To sign the default file, run the Node binary with the sign command. This will generate and sign default-statement.txt.

    If you generated your own statement in the previous step, then sign that statement by adding the filename after the sign command.

  3. The output of the command should look similar to the example below. Copy the lines from =====BEGIN===== to =====END=====.

  4. Paste the copied contents into your MainNet application.