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This is a team contributed page
The Android version of the app does not have the “Reporting and Banning” feature, so this guide is not applicable.
User reporting feature toggle.
User reporting feature toggle on the settings page.

This guide explains how to disable the “Reporting and Banning” feature in the xx messenger app on iOS. This process requires manually compiling the app from a macOS machine and running it directly on your iPhone.

Before starting, ensure that you have all the required materials listed below.

  1. macOS computer
  2. XCode
  3. iPhone
  4. Apple ID and/or developer account

To compile the app, follow the steps below.

  1. Clone the app repository from the master branch. The app code is free and open-sourced.
  2. Optionally add a Google-Service.plist file to the client-ios/Resources directory. If you do not need or want it, then you can remove it from the project.
  3. Paste the certificate content into Sources/Integration/Resources/cert_mainnet.
  4. Connect your phone and Run the project.

Once you complete the steps above, there will be an extra option in the app settings to enable/disable the “Reporting and Banning” feature, as shown in the screenshot.